Monday, February 22, 2010

The Emperor's Greenhouse in Black & White

Ahh, at long last we have a day with sunshine! Although it's still quite cold when the wind blows I could not pass up the opportunity to get outside and make a little Vitamin D. Located next to the Hofburg Palace, this is an old Palmenhaus (palm house) that was built in 1901 and owned by the emperor; it is now a restaurant and a butterfly house. ('Schmetterling' is the German word for butterfly...what a lovely word...yes, there are some lovely words in German. You can almost see a butterfly bouncing around when you say the word schmetterling.) While the greenhouse is,, I thought you might enjoy seeing it in black and white. What a magnificent piece of architecture and engineering!

While you can't see them so much from this angle there are at least twenty people sitting here soaking in the sunshine with their backs against the palm house taking advantage of the shrubs blocking the wind.

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  1. Good series - and the decision for black and white was a good one: with the dominant color it's all too easy to miss that finely detailed forms here.