Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thumsee's Truth & Beauty in Black & White

It’s a funny thing about photography: it simultaneously frees my mind from thinking and forces me to think differently. Maybe it’s simply a left brain/right brain thing. As I see the dramatic differences a slightly different camera angle can make I’m forced to try to understand why. Why do I believe one angle is so superior to another? Then it gets deeper. I have to ask myself why do I believe anything I believe and where do those beliefs come from? It’s an interesting and worthwhile exercise, for sure, but it takes patience and a willingness to try to understand...and to possibly open the old mind up for a new way of ‘seeing’ things.

It is in that spirit that I share some photos of my lovely Thumsee in black and white. I’m reminded of a teacher many years ago who talked about our quest for truth and beauty. What is beauty? What is truth?

I hope you’ll enjoy these....


  1. Ah - what a fine series of images you have created in this post and the last. I wouldn't dare to say if the black and white works better than the (almost) monochromatic color images under foggy conditions. Of the latter definitely the very last picture is my personal favourite of this series