Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Fabulous Indian Pavilion

Austrians, in general, are not keen on spicy food. But we are! Our search for spicy meals finally led us to the Indian Pavilion restaurant in Vienna’s Naschmarkt. What a find it was! But the cuisine there is not describable simply as spicy. Every time I go there it is a little embarrassing because audible ‘ummmms’ spontaneously vibrate from my voice as I eat. I now fully understand the nuances of the word ‘delectable.’ Every dish Ashok and Sonia create, including the sauces, have layers of complex, exotic flavors that blend and complement each other beautifully. Every bite is as if the excitement, colors and energy of a carnival have combined with the graceful, gentle sophistication and perfect harmony of a symphony—in your mouth! Ummmmm. What an experience! Fabulous!

The restaurant's unassuming facade in traditional Nashmarkt style gives no clue as to the remarkable culinary treasures inside:

The restaurant only holds about eight customers and it is always busy. Insiders know it’s best to arrive around 2:00 and order a late lunch because by 2:30 it’s packed again. In warm weather outdoor tables and chairs provide seating for an additional 30 or so customers. Ashok and Sonia have owned a much larger, equally successful restaurant before but they have designed this restaurant and their schedule to create the ideal life they want. And it works just the way they want it to. If only we all were so capable! Or so brave!


  1. Arghh! Stop, stop! It's bad enough just walking through without you pointing out places I've missed!I have suggested to my other ahalf that when I win the UK lotto, I'm going to rent an appartment near the Naschmarkt and eat my way from one end to the other. Then go back the other way!

  2. I so agree! Every time I go to Indian Pavilion or the Naschmarkt I ask myself why I'm not here every day!

  3. hi, martha.
    very nice blog. i am doing something similar but for the brazilians. i saw same nice pictures from you here. may i use it on my blog? of course i would write the photcredit below :)
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