Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Delicious, Delightful Dijon

When you think of Dijon, what comes to mind? Mustard? Me too. I am so lucky I got to visit the Granddaddy of mustard stores, the Maille Mustard Shop in Dijon. The clerks there will offer you tastes of different mustards out of beautiful Faience jugs. Oh, my gosh! These were, by far, the finest mustards I have ever tasted. Delicate, full of flavor, and so delicious I could have stood there for an hour eating mustard on tiny crackers! The shop girl said the secret is using good wine in the manufacturing process. I bought six jars of different flavors and one crockery jug of my favorite fresh wine mustard. She said to use it quickly–within five months–as it gets stronger with age.

Dijon is also an architectural jewel!

Notre Dame Cathedral of Dijon. A small owl carved on the side of the chapel is considered lucky if you rub it or caress it with your left arm and make a wish. I like the gargoyles.

Look at the details on this old gazebo:

I love the old slate rooftops:

Beautiful buildings:

Dijon has more than its share of gorgeous and yummy pastries.

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