Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nashmarkt Flomarkt

Saturday morning I popped over to the Naschmarkt Flomarkt (flea market). The time to go is definitely early before the crowds and while the vendors are still in a good mood. Next to the flea market is the regular Naschmarkt with every kind of food and spice imaginable. Picked up a bouquet. It was a lovely morning. Here are some images.

A Maria Theresa-style chandelier glistening in the morning sun.

There were a couple of vendors with lovely hand-embroidered linens. I bought several cotton napkins embroidered with other people's monograms, but never mind, they were irresistible. I asked the seller how she kept them so clean and beautiful. "I cook them at the laundromat!" "You COOK them?" I asked. "Well, I set the washer at 90 degrees Centigrade (that's 195 degrees Fahrenheit). Don't be afraid of them!" she scolded. OK, so there's her secret--but try it at your own risk.

Pretty glassware.

A little Lenin memorabilia....

I was interested in this table but the top was quite damaged. Need some lessons in woodworking before tackling this project:

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