Sunday, October 4, 2009

Loos Haus 100th Anniversary

In 1909, construction began on Adolf Loos’ radical modern building, breaking all the rules for architecture in Vienna and causing quite an outrage. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the building and last weekend Raiffeisen Bank, current owners and occupants, held an open house. The famous story is Emperor Franz Josef was so upset with “the building without eyebrows” that he ordered his draperies at the window facing the building to be kept permanently closed.

From the outside, beveled and curved glass windows, green marble columns, and scores of tiny lights emphasize that this building is very different from the others in old Vienna.

The lobby with it’s magnificent brass clock.

Loos' elegant, masculine interiors are absolutely gorgeous. Rich woods, polished brass and beveled windows seem simple but luxurious. How lucky is the person who has this office! And a fabulous view to the Hofburg palace!

The view of the Hofburg Palace from the mezzanine office.

The glass ceiling reflected in mirror tiles at the main staircase.

The banister at the main staircase, with its graceful wooden curves is far more beautiful and technically interesting than this photo shows. It has to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

This brass sconce made even its naked light bulbs works of art.

It was everything I could do to keep from trying out this lounge chair to see if it was comfortable or not. It does have an interesting shape.

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