Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello, Sturm!

The early wine, Sturm, is available this time of year. It's a young, still fermenting wine that is usually bought by the glass or mug. If you buy it in a bottle you have to carry it upright because the bottle is not sealed. Last year my niece, Andrea, bought a bottle of sturm and transfered the wine to a two-liter soda bottle, squeezed out the air, screwed on the top, and put it in her bag to continue shopping. We thought it was a brilliant idea. As the day went on, and the fermentation continued, every once in awhile the bottle would pop with the furiosity of a firecracker, startling everyone in whatever place we were in.

Tastes a little like juice, a little like wine, a little like a wine punch. Yummmmmmy, but be careful--it packs a punch of a different kind!

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