Saturday, October 31, 2009

Magnificent Calligraphy

I keep hearing about the high unemployment these days and can’t help but think there’s a talented doodle artist out there, perhaps currently unemployed, who could resurrect this kind of magnificent calligraphy for the world—maybe even with a modern twist. Awards, decorative birth or marriage certificates, diplomas, greeting cards, stationery textile designs...there must be dozens of applications and a fortune to be made. Wish I were so talented! Wouldn’t you love to receive an award decorated so beautifully? Or at least have a kitchen towel with a monogram drawn in these splendid scrolls?

Some of these are a bit hard to see clearly due to the folds and the glass reflections. I just thought they were so pretty, I wanted to share them anyway.

These seals indicate that bureaucracy is nothing new.

All the items above are from the Torture Museum in Rothenburg, Germany. I wanted you to enjoy their beauty before telling you they are mainly laws prescribing torture for offenses as horrible as wearing the wrong color hat! Or to put bakers in a cage and repeatedly dunk them in the river for making a loaf of bread that was slightly under—or over—the prescribed weight!

I like this musical calligraphy on a window shade at Melk Abby. How creative!

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