Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Krakow by Night

The beautiful market square in Krakow's old town:

The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul and Church of St. Andrew:

The Basilica of the Virgin Mary (with the red brick towers):

This 700-year old Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) building, where silks from the East were traded, is thought to be the world's oldest shopping mall.

Souvenirs have replaced silks but it is still a lovely building.

A romantic restaurant window:

A clever chandelier:

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Copernicus, named in honor of Krakow's most famous resident. You remember him—the fellow who figured out that it was the sun, not Earth, that was the center of our "universe," later known as our solar system.

The hotel pool is a good example of modern design fitting nicely with the old, in this case in the old cellar.

The hotel's beautiful marble floor:

And fabulous elevator walls:

I like this practical, illuminated address marker found elsewhere in town.

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