Monday, December 7, 2009

Warsaw, Poland: Part 2

In various travel websites and books you will find recommendations to go to Krakow but omit Warsaw. I say go to both! Warsaw has great architecture, excellent food, lots of places to see and things to do, and a fascinating culture and history. Here are some scenes from around town.

I thought this was a Soviet-era building but have been corrected by an anonymous commenter who is keeping me honest. See comments below, which include a link to the story of this edifice. Thanks to whoever you are.

Life-sized Erector Sets:

One of many memorials to the victims of the Nazis:

At the Warsaw Christmas market:

This big red shoe contained a fire, for warmth, I think.

Grilling pierrogis on a fancy grill:


Marie Curie's birthplace, now a museum:

The Nobel Prize she shared with her husband:

Baked pierrogis:

Chandeliers around town:


  1. This is not a Soviet-era building ! :)

    It is a pre war modernist-art deco architecture. Built in 1928–1931 just like the empire state building, which has exactly the same modernist-art deco style.

  2. Thanks for your correction. I guess we were misinformed. Appreciate your input.



  4. You are correct! Thanks for the info and the link.