Sunday, December 6, 2009

Warsaw, Poland: Part 1

Had Thanksgiving dinner at a beautiful Warsaw restaurant and finished the meal with a slice of the almond meringue dessert on the upper level, right side. Scrumptious! In the past, I would not find it difficult to pass on the meringues but now I’m going to have to learn how to make these. Layers of light meringue, not too sweet, alternating with creamy layers full of almond flavor...Oh, gorgeous! Oh, yummm!

Walked to the Soviet-designed Palace of Culture and Science for panorama views over the city. There has been debate whether or not to take the building down. I liked what I saw of it and the views were great.

It also had nice brass door frames...

And unusual chandeliers....

Back on the street there was a man standing on his head. The story was that yoga saved him from alcoholism. He was asking a Euro if you took his photo. I later saw him at several other locations. He spends hours standing on his head every day.

Warsaw’s Old Town was completely demolished during WWII but to the credit of the residents, they rebuilt it beautifully. The residents of this city have such a remarkable history. I recommend googling and reading about it. You will love them.

An ornate fence:

A very hip cafe replaced what was a public restroom:

A charming cafe window; it gets dark here around 3:30!!

The interior of the same, inviting cafe:

A university's grand entrance:

A chef makes a tartinka, an open-faced sandwich:

Another cute cafe:

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