Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Krakow by Day

Flowers and food for sale in Old Town's Market Square:

The 17th century baroque church of Saints Peter and Paul:

Gate, part of the old city walls:

The park path along the moat:

Approaching the Royal Wawel Castle:

A lonely knight in shinning armor:

The castle grounds (love this gate):

Photos were not allowed inside the castle but one room will always stand out in my memory. The judicial chambers had faces sculpted into the ceiling—faces of people from all segments of society—looking down upon the judges with the idea that they would remind the judges to be fair to all persons in the land with every decision they made. What a great idea—and they made the room unforgettable.

Did I mention I love this gate?

Pope John Paul's home is here, now a museum:

A horse-drawn carriage passes by beneath our hotel window:

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