Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alpbach in Snow

Alpbach has been named as the prettiest village in Austria. Known for its distinctive Tyrolean architecture and its massive, overflowing geranium window boxes, Alpbach is every bit as pretty in snow as in summer. Its Congress House hosts the annual Alpbach European Forum, attracting the world's finest minds in politics, the arts, science and business which has given pretty Alpbach the nickname, "The Village of Thinkers," proving that beauty and brains can co-exist.

The Alpbach cemetery. I have heard that the great thinker, Ervin Schrödinger is buried here. Before you get all excited or your brain all twisted about Schrödinger's cat, read the stories that say this theory of his was just an intellectual exercise that he did not really believe.

I found these roses buried in the snow meaningful as well as beautiful.

I really liked the pattern of this curvy, bony plant against the cemetery wall:

I just love these Alpine huts, used for sheltering feed or wood, and the fence posts in the snow:

This scene of a curvy road that crosses a simple wooden bridge and winds past several Alpine homes is one of my favorite memories:

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