Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowy Stadtpark

Regardless of the season or the weather, and whether crowded or deserted, Vienna's Stadtpark is always one of my favorite places. I love the park's design, the pond, trees and flowers, the architecture, the serenity and the excitement. It is always beautiful and comfortable.

A clock tower kiosk helps you know where to go and when:

A fountain:

Beautiful architecture along the Wienfluss (Vienna River):

I suppose many brides have had their portraits made in these elegant pavilions:


  1. As usual after a visit to your blog site I am happy and at peace. Your photos are so lovely and tranquill that the world just seems nicer.
    Thanks for what you do and who you are.
    Your friend, Terry

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  3. What a nice thing to say! Thanks, Terry and Happy New Year!